Complete Album Review

Here are my impressions of his latest CD – Eclektic Value. Composed, Engineered, and Performed by a Modern Master of music.  Dave W. - US

Track 1 - New Beginnings
This tune is Definitely different than the current mainstream in music, in a very positive way. Excellent rhythm, dynamic guitar work, and captivating melody.

Track 2 - Time Will Call
I love the upbeat rhythm combined with well-structured vocals. Certainly not a copy cat song; but reminiscent of The Who, combined with a clear tonal quality that is “music to the ears”.

Track 3 - Slippn ʻn Slidin
What a catchy yet complex tune! Love the diverse rhythm transitions and use of slide guitar, banjo, and mouth harp, culminating in the trailing piece on keyboards. Excellent integration of many diverse sound nibbles. One of my favorite tunes!

Track 4 - Vital Asset
A modern love song created with excellent vocal harmonies. Shows the tonal range and control of a confident vocalist as well as musician/composer.

Track 5 - Navasat
Hands down my favorite tune! Brings on visions of epic space battles (for me at least) and could Easily be the new Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica theme song, yet stands alone as a masterpiece. Love the guitar work with powerful imagery and depth!

Track 6 - Between You and Me

Excellent composition and use of diverse instrument voices – especially the pan flute and synthesizer combination. Add the soulful guitar work and epic love song lyrics and you have a full strength crowd pleaser.

Track 7 - These Pillows
Love the use of Sitar and far-east percussion to create a vision inspiring song that spans the globe.

Track 8 - State of Mind
A song that travels from melancholy to euphoria. Love how the lyrics, tempo, and tones progress throughout the song, building to an upbeat rhythm with soulful lyrics. Beautiful guitar work complements each phase of the progression.

Track 9 - Coffee Being

Wow – a modern jazz infusion into a funky beat! Love it!

Track 10 - Look Into Me

What I would consider to be a modern lullaby/love song with a tinge of early Beatles.

Track 11 – Arab Valentine
Another middle/far east composition fused with heavy metal. Takes a few listens to appreciate the nuances and depth of this tune, but well worth it!

Track 12 – This Girl
Another love song built with various/numerous instruments spotlighting his broad musical influence
and abilities. Ted is, after all, a Global Romantic!