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Accomplished Musician Voted one of Rolling Stone magazine's "Top Twenty Rock Guitarists of All Time" -  Songwriter and Artist - One of the Original Members of Wishbone Ash,  Ted has returned to the Music world with a fury with the release of his first solo album, "Eclektic Value". "Come with me as I embark on a musical journey".
ECLEKTIC VALUE - The Long Awaited Solo Album Ted Turner is well known for his association with the famed UK Rock Band "WishBone Ash"  - But this solo album has been a long time coming and like nothing one would ever expect.  The music on this album was carefully selected, composed and arranged by one of the World's great guitar  players.
Ted in the Early Days of Wishbone Ash
Ted in the early days of Wishbone Ash playing one of his all time favorite guitars, a 1954 Fender "Strat" that was new in the case when he bought it around 1973/74.  Check the Gallery for more images of Ted in the early days of his career.
Another Side of Ted - There is yet another side to this extraordinarily talented musician and song writer - He is also an artist - his palette is that of wax.  We will be showcasing the artwork of Ted Turner here in the near future and you will be able to purchase very limited edition prints of his work.  Note the background Image of the home page of this website - that is actually one of Ted's incredible renderings.  More news on that to come.
Harmony "Twins" Strutin' Their Stuff!
Here are the "Harmony Twins" (Ted Turner and Andy Powell) Struting their stuff on stage with Wishbone Ash in 1973. Their pioneering guitar work was highly influencial to many rock bands that followed.

Express FM (UK) Geoff Dorsett Interviews Ted Turner

Ted-LiveExpress FM (UK) Geoff Dorsett Interviews Ted Turner
Be sure to check out the audio link on our left menu for the entire interview.  Ted's fans are sure to enjoy this so don't miss it.





Reunion with" Wishbone Ash" in England.

garden-party_cover3Having recently returned just wanted to reveal a few thoughts of my trip.

For the previous two months before this event i had received several invitations to attend the garden party, to which i had declined due to personal obligations. The premise was Martin turner's Wishbone Ash would perform the more obscure material not usually heard in their current shows. About 150 loyal fans were invited plus V.I.Ps and various musicians and friends to this intimate occasion.

When i heard that Steve Upton (original drummer with the band) was going to attend I thought to myself how many opportunities will we have that the three of us will meet, so i jumped on a plane. This was a very special day. To come face to face once again with the original road crew, dear friends after 23 years was memorable.  Memories i shall not forget. A day filled with affection, friendship and love. It was great to see everyone looking well, hearing the stories about there own interesting journeys.

As a bonus i performed a few tunes with the band. Also Laurie Wisefield was in attendance and performed one of his songs, and as a finale we all joined in on a cool version of Jailbait featuring all four guitar players with Laurie Wisefield, Ray Hatfield Danny, Wilson and myself. This was a surprise to the audience they had no idea that Steve, Laurie and myself would be there.

Another great moment Steve was introduced and came onstage to rapturous applause. So for a brief moment three of the original members together again onstage after 23 years.

A special mention, it was a real pleasure to make contact with Laurie. For me, we have crossed paths in the past but never really connected.

Standing by the side of the stage listening to him play revealed his subtleties, finesse, and feel as a player. Very tasty!  So playing "Jailbait"  was a very natural affair. We played well together.

The concert was recorded so not in the to distant future should be available for all.  To view more images of the Garden Party click here to go to the album within our Image Gallery and enjoy!

Love and light!


garden-party-6    garden-party-5



Ted Featured On "The Who Tribute" Album


UPDATE! Ted has updated this clip to the original track that he recorded which differs from the mix that was officially released.  He states "I much prefer this version as it was intended when it was recorded, so I wanted to share it with my fans".

Ted was asked to bring his guitar expertise to the table for the upcoming release of the "Who" Tribute Album ‘Who Are You: An All-Star Tribute To The Who’.  Ted along with .38 Special and Ian Paice (Deep Purple) have recorded "Bargain" for this project.  The album, being released by Cleopatra Records is due out on October 2, 2012.

For Ted this project is full circle and brings back many memories as in1971,  Wishbone Ash toured with the Who as their opening act for the "Who's Next Tour". Quoting Ted, "That was definitely the wild Rock & Roll times for sure".

Coming Soon a Ted Turner Signature Guitar

ted-VIP-stage_smlTed recently met with Heli-Arc Guitars from California and is pleased to announce that they will be designing and releasing a "Ted Turner Signature Guitar" this exclusive model will be available later in the year. Ted is working with Rick Adams on the design details and are both excited to come out with a new model that will be special and unique.


HeliArc Guitars is a manufacturer of high quality handcrafted guitars through a fusion of high tech manufacturing techniques. Developed with the player in mind, HeliArc Guitars uses aircraft grade aluminum for the bodies, coupled with wood necks made specially by Monica Esparza. Paired with the finest parts in the industry these instruments develop the tone and sustain professionals demand. "Vintage in appearance, fresh in design, soulful in sound"

Ted contributes forward to Martin Turner's Book

Ted was recently asked to contribute a forward to Martin Turner'
new book "No Easy Road". Ted recalls fondly the times spent
with Martin and Wishbone Ash, and acknowledges the good times
shared, the achievements accomplished and the friendship maintained
with Martin through the years to this day.

Ted Named Musical Director - One Great Night On Earth


It's with great excitement that we can post an update to Ted's recent appointment as Artist Ambassador for One Great Night On Earth. The event is now taking shape and as a part of the performance there will be a featured an All Star Band and the Project Director of One Great Night On Earth, Lyndel Moore has appointed Ted as the Musical Director. Ted will be working over the coming weeks to make contacts and invitations to friends and musical colleagues around the world to participate in this amazing project.

Watch this site for announcements as to members of the band and also all the latest news.

Ted becomes an Artist Ambassador for One Great Night On Earth


Ted is very excited to announce that he has accepted the invitation to become an Artist Ambassador for One Great Night On Earth which is an amazing music event taking place early to mid 2013,  in Melbourne, Australia. The event has been created to raise funds for victims of natural disasters around the world and especially in Australia after the wild fires and floods of recent years. More information about the event can be found at

NOTE:  Click here to Read Press Release from Lyndel J Moore - Project Director - One Great Night On Earth



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"Art is what we call the thing an artist does. It's not the sound, the medium, or the oil or the price or whether you listen to it or it hangs on a wall or you eat it.What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making.Something risky. Something human. Art is not in the eye of the beholder. It's in the soul of the artist."

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Media Inteviews

Express FM's Geof Dorsett Interviews Ted

Media Reviews

The Online Magazine "Get Ready To Rock!" has a great review on the Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash "Garden Party" Reunion.

Be sure to check it out -  MTW's Garden Party Review 


Classic Rock Magazine - News

Ted is also featured on a forthcoming all-star tribute CD to The Who. Ted's distinctive guitar playing can be heard on 'Bargain'.
Ted is featured on a forthcoming all-star tribute CD to The Who. Ted's distinctive guitar playing can be heard on 'Bargain'.

More details at:


Eclektic Value Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed very minute of the CD. The great beats keep you moving and excited. The ethereal sounds bring the music fully into the 21st Century. The vocals by Ted Turner are smooth and pleasant. The original guitar licks are complimented by the variety of other musical instrument sounds that dart in and out in each song. Every song displays different musical concepts justifying the title of the CD. My favorite song is number 12, “This Girl”. It should be at the top of the charts. While new and modern, it brings back the best of the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Those who appreciate good music will embrace the CD “Eclektic Value”. Sam Insana *********************************************** Ted Turner's 2010 CD release "Eclektic Value" has a wide variety of styles and sounds that show his mastery of the guitar and a different side vocally than what he did in Wishbone Ash. Also his ability to play in many different styles of music. From the modern sounding "New Beginnings" to the swamp bluesy sounding instrumental "Slippin' and Slidin' to the spacey instrumental "Navasat"to the pyschedelic sounds of "These Pillows" to the straight forward rock of "This Girl". Each song has its own flavor and style which show how diversified Ted is in his guitar playing and vocals. He is under-rated as a guitar player and what I consider one of the greats out there. The vocals are great and the lyrics make you stop and think. The only improvement I can suggest is next time a live drummer and bass player to give a more organic sound to the songs. Also the art work is excellent. Over-all it is a great solo CD from what I consider my favorite Wishbone Ash Lead player. D.Hofacker, Flint, MI USA *********************************************** Once again Ted Turner has shown his immense talent and broadened his span of musical creativity. Eclektic Value is a dynamic and diverse compilation of music that crosses numerous cultures and influences. Certainly Ted should be recognized as one of the Modern Masters, and not just for his incredible talent as a Guitar Player of the first order. He has it all: talent, passion, and ability to compose and perform at the highest level! Here are my impressions of his latest CD – Eclektic Value. Composed, Engineered, and Performed by a Modern Master of music. Dave W - USA (check Link below for entire Review) *********************************************** Review, Eclektic Value by Ted Turner. Turneround Records 001-TT Driving back to Devon after meeting up with the Wishbone's at the MTWA garden party, I put Ted's CD on and sat back and cruised to the appropriately titled Eclektic Value album. The album delivers a cymetrical balance of songs and tunes which flow together really well. New Beginnings is a linear instrumental that creates a pleasant montage of guitar sounds and efx. I also like the feel of track 3, Slippin' & Slidin' with incidental harmonica , banjo, birds, baby laughs and other sounds slippin' in and out of the track . There are some really inventive guitar parts and sounds like the long scale guitar tuned down on Navasat which really hits you in the balls. This track sits firmly in the WA style of chord sequence and guitar melody. Overall a great listen and can recommend first hand for that late night drive home. Mark Emery (Hobbit) *********************************************** I gave a first listen to the CD today. I think the "eclectic" title is very appropriate. It's a pretty amazing diversity of styles mixed together, but somehow it makes sense! Especially tasteful arranging and guitar playing! It's not easy to have all of that stuff happening and have it sound unified - great job with the arrangement and mix. Buster - SC - USA *********************************************** After years out of the spotlight, a gem of a solo album Posted: 04/07/2010 Ted Turner - guitarist with Wishbone Ash from 1969-74 and 1987-94 - in between those dates and after 1994 had pretty much no recorded output, but now at the age of 60 has released his first solo album, Eclektic Value. So what's it like? Well, Ted has lost none of his guitar or songwriting skills. This album showcases both. He has recorded it on a computer, playing all the instruments himself, and using programmed drums. Which is perhaps the one weakness of the album. It would have benefitted from a full band and a human drummer. That said, the album is still very good. There are 12 tracks with an equal number of songs and instrumentals (in strict alternation). The songs are more appealing than the instrumentals, all of them being catchy and with some great guitar solos. Pick of the bunch is This Girl, about the love of a father for his daughter. Of the instrumentals, Slippin' and Slidin' has a lovely feel, with much use of sound effects and some excellent acoustic guitar and piano work, whilst Navasat is reminiscent of Mike Oldfield. Worth getting if you appreciate good guitar playing. And if you're a fan of Wishbone Ash (though to be fair, this is a different sound, albeit Ted's vocals put me in mind of the Here To Hear album). Just to hear some new Ted Turner compositions nearly two decades after the Strange Affair album is wonderful. Alanboor - 4-2010 *****************************************

Eclektic Value Previews

Time Will Call - Ted Turner Navasat - Ted Turner State of Mind

Who Tribute - Bargain(Original Mix)

Ted's Latest Face Book Posts

Ted's Synopsis of Eclektic Value

Ted has put together for his fans his own personal syopsis of his first solo album, Eclektic Value.  

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